The Social Scene at SHA is as diverse as the student body!

We support existing student clubs AND welcome new club ideas ANYTIME!

We also empower students to connect to each other, faculty, and the local and global community with innovative and fun projects!


SHA Griffins have several opportunities to take part in either casual, interest-based student clubs OR to develop and demonstrate expanded leadership skills by participating in Student Government, National Honor Society, Student Council, Reflection Team, Anchors, etc.

Keep an eye out for SHA Spirit Days, Theme Days, Dances,

School Trips, Community Events, Celebrations,

Awareness Events,

Virtual Trivia,


Student Shout-Outs,

Contests, Night Owl social hours...and much more!


One of the many lessons of 2020-2021 is that human connections are SO important to all of us ~ especially to high school students. There is something about being in the physical presence of others that cannot truly be replicated by virtual gatherings, texting, emails, etc.

As we move forward into our current reality, we continue to make emotional support a priority for our students, faculty and families.

SHA employs two School Counselors to support student's emotional health.

In addition to fullfilling mandated counseling sessions, students are able to request to meet with a School Counselor.

While we are here to support students, families, and faculty to the best of our ability, we are unable to provide for all of the needs that may arise. We will gladly provide assistance with researching local agencies that provide services needed that we are not able to provide. We are in this together and asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness.

Also, check out our Parenting Support page!